The State Forest department has formulated a new policy for salvage timber (dry standing, fallen and uprooted trees) which so far was considered as uneconomical lots. As per the new policy, the salvage timber would be used for fuel and construction work and it would also help in generating revenue to the state government.

Forest Minister Govind Singh Thakur today disclosed that new policy has been devised after detailed discussions and considering various suggestions received from various medium. Under this policy, the uneconomical timber would be utilised by various government departments like Public Works, Irrigation and Public Health, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Forest and Forest Corporation for construction of government buildings besides furniture making by the Forest department and the Corporation.

The removal of salvage trees would create space for natural and artificial regeneration which would benefit in improvement of tree cover.

He said the Corporation would be saved from losses which accrue on working of un-economical lots and 81 Charanies and Dhullanies recruited by the Corporation would be engaged in extraction of these trees. He said this policy would also help in checking the arbitrariness of the contractors who demands heavy rates for extraction of tress.

Govind Singh Thakur said the timber from the salvage trees which normally decays in the forests would available to the Forest department at no costs and for other departments at reduced rates for use in the government civil works. This timber would be used by the Forest department for various works like forest rest houses, inspection huts, transit accommodation, building works in the forest training centres, eco-tourism assets, small wooden bridges in forest areas, residential accommodation for the field staff, ministerial staff and the officers.

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