Himachal BJP today created history by winning Shimla Municipal Corporation. BJP supported candidates won 17 seats, while Congress could win 12 seats and CPM could win single seat from 34 seats. 4 independent candidates also elected to the house.

Ward No 1 – Bharari: Tanuja Chaudhary (Congress)
Ward No 2 – Ruldu Bhatta: Sanjeev Thakur (BJP)
Ward No 3 – Kathu: Sunil Dhar (BJP)
Ward No 4 – Annadale: Kusum Sadrek (BJP)
Ward No 5 – at Summerhill: Shaili Sharma (CPM)
Ward No 6 – Tutu: Vivek Sharma (BJP)
Ward No 7 – Majiath: Diwakar Sharma (Congress)
Ward No 8 – Boileaugang: Kiran Baba (BJP)
Ward No 9 – Kacchighati: Sanjay Parmar (Ind)
Ward No 10 – Tuttikandi: Anand Kaushal (Congress)
Ward No 11 – Nabha: Simmi Nanda (Congress)
Ward No 12 – Phagli: Jagjit Bagga (BJP)
Ward No 13 – Krishna Nagar: Bittu Panna (BJP)
Ward No 14 – Ram Bazar: Sushma Kuthiala (Congress)
Ward No 15 – Lower Bazaar: Inderjeet Singh (Congress)
Ward No 16 – Jakhu: Archana Dhawan (Congress)
Ward No 17 – Benmore: Kimi Sood (BJP)
Ward No 18 – Engine Ghar: Aarti Chouhan (BJP)
Ward No 19 – Sanjauli Chowk: Satya Kaundal (BJP)
Ward No 20 – Upper Dhalli: Kamlesh Mehta (BJP)
Ward No 21 – Lower Dhalli: Shailender Chauhan (BJP)
Ward No 22 – Shantivihar: Sharda Chauhan (Ind)
Ward No 23 – Bhatta Kuffar: Rita Thakur (Congress)
Ward No 24 – Sangti: Meera Sharma (Congress)
Ward No 25 – Malyana: Kuldeep Thakur (Congress)
Ward No 26 – Panthaghatti: Rakesh Sharma (Ind)
Ward No 27 – Kasumpati: Rakesh Chauhan (Congress)
Ward No 28 – Chotta Shimla: Vidushi Sharma (BJP)
Ward No 29 – Vikasnagar: Rachna (Ind)
Ward No 30 – Kangnadhar: Renu Chauhan (BJP)
Ward No 31 – Patyog: Asha Sharma (BJP)
Ward No 32 – New Shimla: Kusum Lata (Congress)
Ward No 33 – Khalini Puran Mal (BJP)
Ward No 34 – Kanlog: Brij Sood (BJP)

Earlier yesterday, Shimla Municipal Corporation elections had registered over 60 per cent voter turnout in its 34 seats. The state Election Commission had set up 153 polling stations to enable over 91,000 voters to exercise their franchise through electronic voting machines.

Newly elected Councilors of Municipal Corporation Shimla would be administered the oath on 19 June, 2017 at 3.30 P.M. in Bachat Bhawan DC Office Shimla. Under the provision of Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation (Election) Rules 2012 the newly elected councilors would elect Mayor and Deputy Mayor on the same day immediately after the oath ceremony.