Denning the allegations of irregularities in recruitment in various department and boards leveled by leader of opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal and BJP state president Satpal Satti, state ministers termed them baseless, biased and malafide.

Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma and Ayurveda Minister Karan Singh, in their joint statement claimed that during the past 45 months of the Congress regime, around 60,000 jobs were provided in government sector alone. They claimed

“All codal formalities were being observed to fill up the posts as and when advertised by the government with complete transparency and in a just manner, which had baffled the BJP leaders”

Congress leaders claimed that more than 13000 jobs were provided in education department during the last 45 months besides, as of today 1300 posts of Post Graduate Teachers, 950 Trained Graduate teachers, 600 JBTs, 1500 C&V teachers and as many as 620 posts of Associate Professors were in the process of being filled.

The Ministers said the state government was adopting zero-interference in recruitment process and all recruitments, whether in police, forests or education departments, were completely being done on merit and by adopting proper rules and procedure. The exams were conducted through Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and through Service Selection Board, Hamirpur by observing complete transparency.

They said it was ridiculous on the part of the BJP leaders to boast of having ‘audio conversation’ regarding favouring anyone in recruitment process adding that “if they have any such sort of information regarding any such conversation, they should come out with it, rather than spreading rumours”. They said if their claims were found to be true, action would be taken against those who were found guilty.

The BJP leaders were making unnecessary hue and cry and not aware of thousands of posts being created or approval given to be filled in every Cabinet meeting, they remarked. Thousands of posts were filled in Health, PWD, IPH, Police and other departments and many were in process of being filled up.

Describing Dhumal’s statement as a political gimmick to divert attention of the people, Sudhir Sharma and Karan Singh said the former CM still was recalling his past tenure when jobs were on sale in the state and the service selection board at Hamirpur was the den of such activities.