Giri Water Supply

Few days back report of providing 24X7 supply of water in selected areas of the Shimla city was making headline in the most of leading news dailies. Everyone was going gaga over the plan, but hardly a week after the gargantuan claims, the historic Shimla City is facing acute water shortage. Several localities of the state capital are worse hit as residents were forced to even fetch portable water from baodies, which time and again local authority has declared unsafe.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) has resorted to supply of water on alternate days but even it has failed to get desired result and residents of the city are facing great hardships. To easy the water supply situation in the Shimla city, the state government has handed over the pumping to corporation. However even then situation hasn’t improved.

Shimla city gets maximum water from the Giri water supply scheme, and in a high level meeting with officers it was revealed that the water supplt scheme has capacity of pumping 20 MLD of water a day, but massive leakage has reduced the water pumping to just 4 to 5 MLD a day.

Sanjay Chauhan, mayor Shimla MC, with officers today inspected the affected Giri Water supply scheme and here are some shocking revelation of the root of the cause behind the erratic water problem in the city.

leakage in Giri water supply

Shimla water supply

It’s worth mentioning that the ‘Giri’ supply scheme isn’t even formally inaugurated and is on the verge of collapse. The Shimla MC has already spent more than Rs 1 crore to improve the water lines, but still it seems that faulty system will lead to waste more taxpayers’ hard earned money to fill the pocket of unscrupulous moles of the system.

Giri Water Supply Scheme

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