Shimla: Research, Training and Extension division of Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies (IIHS), HPU is organizing a two-day national conference ‘Himalayan Studies Conference-2015’ on 4-5th November 2015 in its campus. The conference in convened to explore challenges and impacts of environmental, ecological, socio-economical, political and developmental issues in Himalayan region.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Conference coordinator, said the all aspects of Himalayan Studies, including the natural and social sciences, humanities, and creative arts, will be covered in the conference.

The organizing committee has received over 200 research papers from states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Committee has also received a research paper from Bhutan and representatives are also expected to attend the conference.

Issues such as Environmental and climate change related issues and challenges in Himalayan Region, Biodiversity Conservation in Himalayan Region, Sustainable Mountain Development and Natural Resource Management issues in the Himalayan Region, Society, History and Culture of Hill Areas, State of Humanities, literature and Art in Himalayan Region, Economic, political, administrative issues in Himalayan, People’s participation in rejuvenation of Himalayan Environment, Society and Culture will be discussed at the conference.

The organization is hoping participation of policy makers, planners, administrators, environmentalists, scientist, technocrat and academician.