Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojna (PMAGY) was launched in Himachal Pradesh in the year 2011 with the objective to ensure integrated development of the selected villages having minimum population of 200 people with more than 50 percent Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe into ‘model villages’. Model village which has adequate physical and institutional infrastructure in which minimum needs of all sections of the society are fully met, they live in harmony and a village which is progressive and dynamic in nature.

In Himachal, PMAGY has been operational in two districts Sirmaur and Solan. As many as 225 villages of these two districts would be developed as model villages for which base line survey had already been conducted in the year 2011. Block Development Officers are the Nodal Officers for the execution of various developmental schemes under PMAGY, in convergence with the other line departments like I&PH, PWD, Forest, Agriculture, Horticulture etc.

Modern villages should be covered with all the necessary facilities for dignified living, creating thereby an environment in which all its residents are enabled to utilize their potential to the fullest besides to ensure food and livelihood security to the BPL families especially to SC families and to ensure the elimination of incidence of malnutrition especially among the children and women.

State and district level committees have been constituted for monitoring the scheme. State level Advisory Committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Social Justice & Empowerment Minister. State Level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary whereas the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committees have been functioning under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioners concerned.

In District Sirmaur, 125 villages have been selected from amongst five development blocks viz: Rajgarh (31 villages), Pachhad (29), Nahan (20), Paonta (20) and Sangrah (25) whereas 100 villages in four development blocks of district Solan: Kunihar (24), Dharampur (34), Solan (25) and Kandaghat (17) are covered under the scheme. All these villages have the population above 200 and more than 50 percent SC population.

Gap filling funding for every selected village has already been provided under PMAGY at an average rate of Rs. 20 lac per village in order to develop the village into a modal village. It would be ensured that the village has adequate physical and socio- economic infrastructure facilities for its habitant which could be conceived on the frame work like road net work, education & skill development, health care, water supply, sanitation, street lights, housing, livelihood security, physical security yard and services for persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

Under the scheme, district Sirmaur has received funds of Rs. 2978 lacs for execution of 1249 developmental and construction works being udertaken in all the 125 villages. Out of these 325 works are complete whereas works on 824 was in progress and an expenditure of Rs. 1720 lac has been incurred.

District Solan has received funds of Rs. 2200 lac for the modernisation of 100 villages, which have already been released to the BDOs concerned for the execution of 1352 developmental works. Work on 666 schemes has been started out of which 143 schemes are complete and 523 are in progress, spending Rs. 8.20 crore.

On the similarly pattern, Mukhya Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojna had been launched in 59 Assembly Constituencies in all the Districts of the State. Under this scheme, two villages in each Constituency are selected to develop these into model village every year. Since the inception of the scheme, 334 villages had been allocated a sum of Rs. 33.40 crore at the rate of Rs. 20 lac per constituency per year.