Himachal Pradesh BJP has blamed the state government for pressing for the unviable Pabbar Gravity Project over lifting of water from the Kol dam.

In a press communiqué, BJP spokesperson Ganesh Dutt stated that technical experts had already discarded the notion of the Irrigation and Public Health Minister in support of the Pabbar Gravity water supply project.

Ganesh Dutt claimed that the Pabbar Gravity Project isn’t viable financially and technically. He said total length of the project is about 180 km and Rs 1,307-crore needed to complete it. Dutt stated that major portion of the project would traverse through thick forest and a private land and to get its’ approval could delay its implementation.

On the other side lifting water from the Sutlej (Kol dam) would cost nearly 500 crore, BJP leader claimed.

Ganesh Dutt accused the state government for pressing for the unviable Gravity Project to benefit few pipeline contractors.

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