Shimla: BJP senior leader and leader of opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal has sharpened his political attack on Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh over corruption charges and demanding his resignation from the post. He said that Virbhadra Singh should resign from the post and if he doesn’t party should dismiss him.

In a press conference here today, Dhumal accused Singh for misleading common people and even submitting false affidavit to election commission. He alleged that CM and his parliamentarian wife have withheld their income in affidavit.

He also ridicules the Congress claim of granting permission and extension to Sai Kothi power project during his tenure, he advised Congress leaders to study the matter properly before saying publicly. Detailing out the issue of Sai Kothi, Dhumal stated that BJP Govt in February 2002 granted permission to Sai Kothi project along with eight other projects, but later in November 2002, his government cancelled the project after finding obscure funding and irregularities. However, later in 2003 Govt changed and even Congress led Govt also found previous Govt decision correct and terminated MOU with power Company in Sept 2004.

Former Chief Minister claimed that corruption started after that and on the pretext of Supreme Court ruling then Congress led government re-allotted the project to the company. He claimed that Supreme Court has asked for the reconsideration not re-allotment. He said that there is huge difference in these two terms.

Dhumal clarified that previous Govt gave many Power projects extension and Sai Kothi was one of them, on conditions of delayed levy. He said that the extension of the project was to end in March 2013 and as per law it should have been terminated, but government gave 10 months special extension to it and few others were ignored, which raised strong doubts. He said that even in the past in 2005-06 some strong person has shielded the power company and even raised its issue in the state Cabinet three times, only to be rejected. It also made to the headline in the mainstream media and then power minister shown her ignorance about it, Dhumal claimed. He quipped that if even concerned minister wasn’t aware about the matter then it’s easy to ascertain who could had been behind it.

BJP leader said that new revelation of shareholding of CM’s family members in the company has answered many unsolved query. Dhumal asked Singh to reveal the nature of shareholding in the company and how many amount he spent to purchase the shares and now value of those shares. He also demanded to make public his association with Maple Destinations and Dreambuild Pvt Ltd.

Prem Kumar Dhumal said that every new explanation from Singh is creating new problem to him. He mocked that the inflated income from apple orchard has taken a new twist as even scooter and oil tanker were used to ferry the apple boxes. He also wanted his explanation over it.

Dhumal made clear that he’s not going to buckle down to Govt tactics of inquiry against him and his family and stated to take it to the logical end.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.