Nahan: Senior BJP leader and former cabinet minister in Prem Kumar Dhumal government Rajiv Bindal accused Virbhadra Singh led state government of discriminating against his Nahan Assembly constituency.

Talking to the press at Nahan, Rajiv Bindal said that he had been pursuing several development projects from the past few months but state government has rejected them for no reason.

Nahan legislature said he had raised his voice at the state planning commission meeting chaired by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and also in the state assembly, but no progress has been made in this regard. He asked state government to clear all 60 major development projects within a month and threatened to launch an agitation if his demand was not met.

BJP leader also accused state government for indulging in political victimisation. He accused Congress for falsely implicating BJP leaders, workers and their family members. He said that Virbhadra Govt has failed to deliver in its first year and development of the state has been stalled. He also accused Govt for stopping the development initiative of previous Govt on political ground.

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