Arun Dhumal, younger son of leader of opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal, termed Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s statement regarding holding of shares in Tarini Infrastructure by his family members, concocted and misleading.

In his press communiqué, Arun Dhumal has contradicted the statement of Singh and claimed that the ‘Tarini Infrastructure’ is not listed unlike stated by the Chief Minister and the shares of the company are not listed in any of the stock exchanges in India.

Younger Dhumal asked Chief Minister to explain the nature of deal and when these shares were purchased and through which stock exchange as claimed by him. Arun stated that the shares of an unlisted company can only be bought with the consent of the promoters unlike buying from stock exchange wherein Promoters consent is not required. Therefore, Chief Minister needs to clear the air regarding this, he quipped.

He also raised question over the reason, why information regarding share wasn’t disclosed in the election affidavits filed by Virbhadra Singh and Pratibha Singh during their respective elections. Dhumal said that Virbhadra Singh has given detailed information regarding other assets in his election affidavit in 2012, but there was no mention of this substantial holding in Tarini Infrastructure, which raises a suspicion about the entire deal. “Also, when Pratibha Singh remembered to mention 2110 shares in another unlisted company (which she has not named), how come she forgot to mention 3,40,000 shares in Tarini Infrastructure”, he asked. Arun said

“The chief minister was ignorant of revenue laws, when he had to return 161 bighas land to state illegally occupied by him. He was ignorant of his Rs 6 Crore agriculture income for which he had to revise three consecutive Income tax returns in a single go after three years. And now, he was completely ignorant of his family members’ substantial holding in a Company which has defaulted on a term loan and the Promoter lends Crores of rupees to Virbhadra Singh and his family members. It is high time Virbhadra Singh starts understanding the difference between Concealing things and Being Ignorant of things”

Arun Dhumal said that initially CM had refused to reply altogether over the issue and now on being exposed has come out with a misleading reply. He called upon Election Commission of India to take a strong action and cancel their respective elections.

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