BJP Hamirpur parliamentarian and BJYM national chief Anurag Thakur believed that Youth will play a crucial role in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and the social media is the strongest tool to grab their eyeballs.

Thakur said that youth play a very important role and today’s youth are more aware than a few years back and social media has played a crucial role to aware them about the wrongdoing of centre government. As 65 per cent of the population is fewer than 35 and social media is likely to influence 2014 general elections and may swing three to four per cent votes.

BJP young leader said that social media is a perfect platform to express once feeling and nowadays youth are expressing their frustration against the government on the social media and has become a crucial platform against the incumbent government.

He added that BJYM members are working hard to spread the real picture of issues like unemployment, slumped economy, corruption and lopsided foreign policy among the common masses and many well educated youth, who had left plum jobs and joined the BJYM making this campaign stronger.