All of you my readers out there should now keep your sense trained for the surprises that congress and all the political parties will give you during this election time. Keeping up the surprise mania, Major Vijay Singh Mankotia who has altercations of higher level with the current chief minister Virbhadra Singh has now all praises for him. In a most recent statement, he lauded chief minister’s role and said that he has played pivotal role in strengthened the party and its leadership. Well, if you are surprised, you are newbie to the politics, and if aren’t you know these things are very common. The reason being, its election time and be prepared to get more of them in future.

Major Mankotia shared his views at a function of the Kangra Rajput Sabha here today, where Chief Minister was also present. Mankotia in his speech assured full support to the congress candidate and pronounced Chander Kumar as a right choice to challenge BJP veteran Shanta Kumar.

Lauding chief minister’s initiatives and policies for the overall development of the state, Mankotia said that congress party was the only party which can ensure the welfare of all sections of the society.

Earlier, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh while addressing public meeting in Shahpur and Chintpurni, train his gun on BJP veteran leader Shanta Kumar and accused him for neglecting the large section of the society. Singh said that Shanta Kumar was never concerned for the welfare of the people of the State while as chief minister or as a union minister.

Chief Minister alleged that Shanta Kumar kept on airing the rumour of making Dharamsala town as Switzerland of the State, but the fact was that nothing was done in this regard, however he added that we should feel proud of the historical names of our country rather than renaming places of historical importance.

Virbhadra Singh said that Shanta Kumar was though a seasoned politician as opposite from Prem Kumar Dhumal. Taking a jibe at Prem Kumar Dhumal, chief minister said that it seems that Dhumal landed in politics by fault. Dhumal don’t have any qualities of a seasoned and matured legislator.

Chander Kumar, the Congress Lok Sabha candidate from Kangra Lok Sabha segment, MLA Rakesh Kalia and vice chairman of Forest Corporation also addressed the gathering on the occasion.

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