The Himachal Pradesh CPM has strongly condemned the recent decision of the health ministry of the state to outsource all the emergency medical tests to a private company in the state run hospitals. The party has termed it as a blatant violation of the spirit of public health.

In a press communiqué, CPM leader and Shimla MC Deputy Mayor Tikender Singh Panwar termed it unfortunate and desperate step in the direction towards privatising the health services in the state. The predecessors started with outsourcing tests like ecg etc and the incumbent Congress government has went a step ahead by handing over all the emergency medical tests to a private company, Panwar added.

He stated that it’ll adversely impact poor people as they will be forced to pay more for their health services. Panwar said

it seems the government has abdicated from its responsibility of providing cheap and good services to its citizens and has virtually forgotten the slogan of ‘health for all

Tikender said that just akin to the attack in the field of higher education by its predecessor the BJP in the state, who were responsible for opening a large number of private universities in the state allowing this domain being captured by the private players, the Congress too seems to have learnt no lessons and follow the same bandwagon. CPM leader has advised state government to reverse this decision as he believed that it’ll prove as a death knell to the public health care in the state and would prove to be highly perilous for the people.

CPM leader claimed that the Rogi Kalyan Samitis have enough funds to support some minimal infrastructure in their respective hospitals. With the figures collected from IGMC Shimla for the period from 1st January 2013 to 21st October 2013′, the total money collected from the people for the following tests is as:-

Blood bank charges:- Rs 17,600.00
Lab:- Rs 1,31,32,149.00
Other blood bank charges:- Rs 75,125.00
Other lab charges:- Rs 49,73,140.00
Total:- Rs 1,81,98,014.00

And in the month of September 2013, the total collection under the above heads was Rs 22,59,910.00, Panwar claimed.

Tikender Panwar said that it’s this money which happens to be the target for outsourcing of the labs throughout the state. The above figures pertain only to IGMC. This would be further compounded by the additional private tests that are done by these companies which once again would be borne by the common people of the state.

The party has warned the state government to desist from the move; which will impact poor people of the state and threaten to initiate a state wide agitation if Govt failed to take its decision back.