The Himachal Pradesh CPM has hailed the decision of the state government to take over the HPCA properties in the state that had been doled out on a platter. The prime properties in Dharamshala, Una, Nadaun, Shimla and such other places were given to the HPCA for annual lease money of Re 1.

CPM leader Tikender Singh Panwar, in his press communiqué advised state government to immediately shift the Central University of Himachal Pradesh (CUHP) to the campus where the Pavilion hotel is being constructed. He added that in all other places the stadiums must be converted into multi-purpose sports activity centres so that sportspersons from all shades can utilize the infrastructure for the enhancement of their abilities. The sports associations and their respective infrastructure should not remain a fiefdom of a particular ideology, organisation, individuals or family.

Panwar stated that sports body should be managed by genuine sportspersons through a democratic process unlike the HPCA where there was a complete control mechanised through the state government and unconstitutional processes.

On the other-side opposition BJP has strongly objected the Govt move and termed it undemocratic, shameful and cowardly. In Shimla, party spokesperson Ganesh Dutt accused Virbhadra Singh and his Govt for targeting political opponents and accused him for surpassing them by misusing his position. He said that state BJP won’t tolerate it and will protest against the atrocity of Govt. Most of the state BJP leaders were remain active on social media site and vent out their anger.

BJP leaders Ashok Kapahtia targeted Virbhadra Singh and stated

Feudal mentality at its worst! It seems VBS had lost his confidence in on going investigations by various state agencies. Nothing illegal was coming out of it, so he took this deplorable decision backed by sycophants in the cabinet. He thinks he is invincible Raja of the state but people are not fools. They will strike back when it will hurt him the most e.i. 2014 elections. It was not expected of a senior politician like him to take such high headed action without waiting for the report of investigating agencies. What is it if not vendetta politics?

Former Cabinet Minister Narinder Bragta also lambasted at the state Govt and declared to protest on 29th October. Bragta believed that it’ll adversely impact the development of sports in the state.