Perturbed over the recent hike in the bus fares, the CPM has asked the Govt to adopt transparency in running the affairs of the government. Rakesh Singha, senior party leader, in his press communiqué, termed bus fare hike as surprising and said that after each cabinet meeting, the decisions taken were publicized by making a briefing to the press by the Chief Secretary but the Govt choose to keep silent on the decision taken to hike the bus fare in the cabinet meeting held on 25th Sept. 2013.

Singha said that the Govt. must explain why it remained silent on a question which adversely effected the entire population in the state. There are indications the cabinet meeting has not followed the collective principles and a thorough discussion has not been organized before taking a decision to increase the bus fares. The Govt. forgot its favourite slogan of working for the “Aam Adami” while taking the decision to hike the bus fare.

The CPM has stated the Govt must explain the logic of charging Rs. 5/- for travelling for just 1 k.m. of journey on a local route. The minimum increase of the fare from Rs. 2 to Rs. 5 amounts to an increase of 150 percent. This huge hike is neither logical nor justifiable by any yardstick. The decisions of the Govt must be based upon logic and not guided by the whims and wishes of individuals. There are reports the hike in the fare was made in connivance with the lobby of private bus operators.

The CPM has stated increasing the fare of an ordinary bus from Rs. 1.11 paise per km in the hilly terrain to Rs. 1.45 paise has made travelling in a public transport the most costly in the entire country. The CPM stated that the additional burden of the fare due to the hike in the diesel prices must be born by the govt. The Govt must provide subsidy to the HRTC to neutralize the hike. A govt. of the “Aam Adami” must not transfer this burden on to the people who are already burdened excessively by the double digit inflation.

The CPM today organized protest actions throughout the state and it expects the govt. to gauge the anger of the people and based upon the mood of the people Reverse this anti-people decision. CPM has also appealed general people to join the struggle for the reversal of this hike. It is the people’s strength which can compel the Govt to review its decision.

CPM has decided to hold a massive demonstration state wide and appealed common people to join protests on 7th October 2013 in case the Govt fails to withdraw the hike.

Opposition BJP has also shown their anger against steep hike in bus fare and decided to hold state-wide protest on 3rd October.