The leader of opposition and former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal believe that state BJP would bounce back in Mandi by-poll, slated for June 23 this year. He blamed Congress for misleading electorates and stated to expose the misdeeds of Congress government during the by-poll campaign.

Dhumal blamed Congress for selling precious land of Himachal Pradesh to outsiders. He claimed that Congress government had amended the section 118 five times during its earlier tenure. He clarified that Congress government had brought the Apartment Act in 2005 to settle non- Himachalis and gave permissions to the construct colonies in the state. He claimed that BJP Govt scrapped this act to stop misuse, but Congress government again revived it when it returns to power in state.

Dhumal ridiculed the Congress’ allegations against BJP and dared Congress led government to come out with facts and details regarding the 118. He accused Congress for selling the interests of the state. He claimed that his Govt has given permission under 118 while keeping the interest of state in mind, whereas the Congress kept in mind its favorites, Dhumal alleged.