A Spokesman of the State Government said that the Government was making every effort to settle its claims as per its share from Bhakra Beas Management Board project against Punjab and Haryana States. He said that Hon’ble Supreme Court in its judgement had clearly mentioned that the State of Punjab and Haryana had utilized power in access of what was due to them under law and unlawful use of energy had to be compensated.

He said that Hon’ble Supreme Court in its judgement on 27th September, 2011 in the Civil Suit Number 02/1996 in the matter of State of Himachal Pradesh vs. Union of India and others, enhanced Himachal Pradesh’s share in Bhakra Nangal and Beas projects. In the Bhakra Nangal project the share had been enhanced from 2.5 percent to 7.19 percent of 84.78 percent from 1st November, 1966 (date of re-organisation), Beas –I (Dehar) from 15MW fixed share to 7.19 percent of 80 percent from November, 1977 (from the date of commencement of production) and Beas-II (Pong) from 0 percent to 7.19 percent of 41.5 percent from January, 1978 (from the date of commencement of production).

He said that Himachal had started availing enhanced share with effect from 1st November, 2011 to the extent of 152.84 MW against its earlier share of 44.29 MW, thus resulting in additional allocation of power to the tune of 108 MW. As per the judgement Union of India will have to work out the details of the claims of Himachal Pradesh on the basis of entitlements and file a statement in the Supreme Court stating the amount due to Himachal Pradesh from Punjab and Haryana, he added. He said that Himachal Pradesh had submitted its claims to Union Ministry of Power on 6th February, 2012 which was amounting to Rs. 3996.98 crore purely at BTPS rates and further on 7th July, 2012 amount of Rs. 4249.45 crore was submitted which was based at BTPS rates prior to 1989 and thereafter on average purchase rates.

He said that Union of India had filed an affidavit in Supreme Court on 5th July, 2013 giving comparative statement of amount due to Himachal Pradesh on the basis of various options/ rates and individual claims of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan States. The claim of Punjab and Haryana had been denied by Himachal Pradesh, since these were not in line with the submission made by Bhakra Beas Management Board to the Union of India, he added. He said that Himachal Pradesh had also refuted the submission made by Union of India at NFL rates and has reiterated its stand on BTPS rates. Himachal Pradesh Government had also filed a counter reply to this affidavit in the Supreme Court stressing the point that the claim should be settled at BTPS rates, he added.

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