Virbahdra singh

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that development process in the State has suffered a serious setback due to the natural calamity which struck several parts of State recently and it would take more than one year to bring the same back on track. He said that relief works were going on war footing and the normalcy would soon be restored. Besides, steps had been taken up to restore electricity, water supply and other essential services and all facilities would be made available to the people of disaster hit areas within a month.

He was addressing the media persons at New Delhi today. Chief Minister said that all the tourists from disaster hit areas had been evacuated who were stranded in the tribal district of Kinnaur due to untimely rain, snow and landslides.

He said that as much as 90 percent of apple crop had been destroyed in district Kinnaur and as a result of which the people of the country would not be able to taste the delicious Kinnauri apples. Besides, around 300 horticulture specialists were airlifted to Kinnaur district for providing assistance to the fruit growers in rejuvenation of apple and other fruit plants.

Virbhadra Singh said that the losses could escalate after actual assessment, adding that the revenue officers had been deputed to ascertain the actual loss and submit the report to the State Government so that sufferers could be compensated accordingly.

Chief Minister cautioned the opposition parties not to politicize the natural calamity and instead should visit the disaster hit areas to know their well being and should extend constructive approach to mitigate their sufferings.