The Himachal Pradesh CPM has asked the government to immediately call a high level meeting to discuss the coming Monsoon season and to effectively intervene in the coming three months period. Tikender Singh Panwar, party senior leader and Deputy Mayor of MC Shimla, in his press communiqué, has advised the government to prepare guidelines for the state so that the Monsoon season is effectively managed. He underlined the need for effective monitoring with specific intervention points for different zones of the state. Tikender said

“For the hills since there it’s more to meet the cloud bursts followed by flooding of the region and in the plains it is more of floods that create problems for the people, specific zone strategies must be built to meet the challenge effectively instead of general interventions”

Panwar has advised government to adopt special preventive measures for the region that would deal with the harvest of vegetables and fruits. Since both are perishable items, the maintenance of roads and clearance of blocks should be at war pace so that the farmers do not suffer as they have been in the past. He also asked the government to direct its officers in the region to ensure proper and effective meetings with various organizations of the people including the farmers and circumvent some of the potential bottlenecks so that proper care may be taken in advance.

Shimla deputy mayor stated that the early advance of the Monsoon is a great boon for the state and added that it should not become a bane because of lackadaisical attitude of the government. He blamed that even with pre Monsoon showers lapses has become evident as traffic woes and frequent landslides had hampered normal life of state capital. Panwar said that this challenge must be faced so that the major season of the economy of the state does not get dampened with the improper interventions of the state government. He also underline the need for the disaster management group to work actively and it should not just restricted to mock drills but also face the real challenges.