Congress senior leaders and cabinet minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri, Sujan Singh Pathania, Chief parliamentary Rohit Thakur, spokesman Dr. Kailash Prashar, in their joint statements alleged that during the BJP led Govt, Rajeev Bindal, Anurag Thakur and former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had formed a BAD (Bindal, Anurag, Dhumal) company which had sold the interests of the state and ruined its economy. The Congress leaders alleged that these leaders were totally involved in selling the interests of the state in the name of education, cricket and real estate.

The Congress leaders said that these three leaders were primarily involved in commercialization of Politics in Himachal and had ruled in a totally autocratic manner; even going to the extent of tapping the phones of each and every individual whom they thought could be a potential threat to them. These leaders looted the resources of the state and had hardly thought about the economical stability in the state.

The congress leaders said that now as the bye-elections were approaching these BJP leaders were spreading false propaganda to woo electorates. Congress leaders stated that the people of the state already knew pretty well as they had thrown them out of power. The three leaders had been always carrying out their individual interests and this BAD Company was busy in gaining wealth during the last tenure.

The congress leaders said that the people of the state will once again show this BAD Company that they are not liked by the people anymore. These leaders said that the congress was going to win the bye elections with a record margin as was evident from the response the leaders were getting from the people.