Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal lambasted at the Congress led Govt and blamed them of adopting double standards on the issue of violation of Section 118 by allotting huge chunk of land for a ski village.

BJP leader alleged that the Congress had been stating separate things in the Assembly and at public meetings. He claimed that the Revenue Minister told the House that 7,132.11 bighas had been given for Govt infrastructure and not to private universities in violation of Section 118, but Congress members had been misleading the public.

Dhumal alleged that the Congress had decided to allot huge chunk of land for a ski village in the higher riches of Manali without giving necessary permission under Section 118 to the company Ford. He said that the government had not taken the permission of the Defence Ministry and 300 huts would be built for foreigners. He said the ski village would affect 7,000 acres and artificial snow would consume 28 megawatts of power.

Former Chief Minister also lambasted at the Virbhadra Singh Govt for failing to protect the interest of state from the BBMB and 7.19 per cent from Chandigarh. He alleged that the state government had settled for only Rs 1,500 crore from the BBMB, which had been awarded by the Supreme Court.

He also said that Congress has failed to deliver in its initial 100 days. He said that Congress has not done anything to fulfill its promises made during the election campaign. He said that Congress led Govt is only busy with reshuffling employees and giving plum posts to its favorites.

BJP leader also lambasted at UPA Govt and accused that center Govt was stuck neck deep in scams. He blamed them for promoting corruption and many big scams are live example of it. Dhumal said that UPA Govt would fall in the coming parliamentary election.