The Minister for Industry, Labour, Employment, Public Relations and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Agnihotri criticizes Prem Kumar Dhumal for his statement over the achievements of the government in its initial 100 days. In a statement, Agnihotri said that BJP leaders had been unnerved by far-sighted decisions of the Congress government over a short period. He said Dhumal’s remarks reflected lust for power and he had not come out of the shock of defeat in the elections.

Agnihotri said decisions taken by the government to provide Skill Development Allowance to the unemployed educated youth; free travel facility to school students and increase in social security pension from Rs 450 to Rs 500 per month had shocked BJP leaders.

He blamed previous Dhumal led regime for promoting corruption in the state. He added that land mafias were active during BJP regime and shady land deals and benami land transactions were noted in that period. He said that Govt would probe all such deals and would punish culprits. He also accused Dhumal and his regime for tapping more then thousands phones and said that all accused were not be spared.