From the last few years, Pong Dam Lake has become an ideal destination for winter sojourn to many species of migratory birds. About 1,23,000 waterfowl of 113 different species have visited Pong Dam lake during this season. Most of these birds migrate from Trans-Himalaya region in Tibet, Central Asia, Russia and Sibera.

A Spokesman of State Government informed here today that Annual Waterfowl Estimation exercise was carried out at Pong Dam lake wildlife sanctuary by experts from various institutes and organizations and voluntaries alongwith Forest Department from 31st January, 2013 to 1st February, 2013 for monitoring the numerical size of visitor migratory birds’ population during the year 2012-13.

After two-day long exercise it was observed that 1,23,000 waterfowl of 113 different species including dominant species such as Bar-Headed Goose (34000), Northern Pintail (21000), Common Pochard (12000), Little Corromrant (7700) have reached Pong Dam lake. A pair of Whooper Swan was observed in Pong Lake after gap of 113 years. Earlier, it was recorded by General Osborne during January, 1900 AD near Talwara and there was no such record of Whooper Swan after that in the entire country.