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Himachal Pradesh’s 12th Five Year Plan is fixed at 22800 crore. The plan was finalised today in the meeting of national development council held in Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi. While addressing the national development council here today state chief minister Virbhadra Singh said that 12th five year plan allocation is 65% higher in comparison to 11th five year plan which is highest in the country.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that state govt will achieve an annual growth rate of 9% per annum in comparison to national average growth rate of 8.2% per annum. He said that higher growth rate of 4.5% will be achieved in agriculture and allied sector in comparison to present 4.2% growth rate by increasing the farm productivity .He said that state govt is spending more than 9 percent of its plan allocation on agriculture and allied sector and requested the union govt to incentivise the state govt by providing at least 50 percent of state outlay under R K V Y during the 12th plan period.

He said that Govt would ensure efficient management of pre-harvesting and post harvesting operations and encourage the cultivation of off-seasonal vegetables, organic farming, setting up poly houses, drip and micro irrigation facilities to raise the farm income during plan period. He said that state govt will bring additional 27000 hectare of land under irrigation facilities during plan period by executing different irrigations schemes. He said that a target has been fixed to provide 70 litres drinking water per person per day in the state in comparison to national average of 55 litres per person per day during the plan. He said that all the remaining 10,725 habitations out of total 53,201 habitations will be provided safe drinking water during the plan. He requested the union govt to increase the cost norms under AIBP programme keeping in view of the tough geographical, topographical conditions and limited working season in the hill state. He requested for increase of per hectare cost norm from present Rs 1.5 lakh to 4 lakh and enhances the completion period from present two years to three years.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh requested the union govt to assist the state govt for setting up food processing industries in the state and requested the union govt to increase the import duty three times on imported apples in order to safe guards the interest of hilly fruit growers.

He requested the union govt to restore the air traffic to the state to promote tourism and also provide subsidy on heli- taxi service on the pattern of north eastern states. He requested the union govt for liberal financial assistance for expansion and upgradation of existing civil aviation infrastructure in the state and pleaded for extension of Shimla air port runway through extensions. He requested the union govt declare the Baddi to Kalka and Bilaspur to Leh via Manali railway lines as project of national importance and early completion of ongoing Nangal –Talwara and Bhanupalli – Bilaspur -Beri railway line by allocating adequate budget provision during the plan period. He told that state govt will construct about 7500 Kms of new road network to connect all the villages with population of more than 100 persons during the plan and added that 2000 kms of national highways and proper maintenance of already existing road network will be undertaken during the plan period.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh told that additional 4630 MW Hydro electricity will be generated in the state during the plan period and added that the state has so far harnessed 8368 MW hydro electric potential out of total potential of 23000 MW capacities. He requested the union govt to delegate the power of environmental clearance to state govt to expedite the power generation process in the state. He requested the union govt to continue the subsidy on L P G cylinders due to higher fuel requirements in the in high altitude areas and told that in absence of LPG subsidy the demand of fuel wood will increase leading to more pressure on forest wealth. He also requested the union govt to revive the industrial package of the Himachal Pradesh and also suggested that hilly backward areas of the neighbouring states can also be included in the new industrial package on the basis of tough geographical conditions similar to Himachal Pradesh.

He told that Himachal has been ranked as third on human development indicators by union Govt and told that the state has achieved 83.78% literacy rate. He told that state govt proposes to make right of secondary education during twelfth plan with an object to universalize the access to secondary educations.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh told that infant mortality rate will be brought down to 22 from existing level of 40 and hundred percent institutional deliveries will be achieved in the plan period. He said that so far 2.07 lakh persons has been benefited through 108 ambulance service introduced through NHRM in the state. He requested the prime minister to upgrade Tanda Medical College to the status of AIIMS New Delhi and told that demand of specialists, physicians and other trained medical personals will be met through three medical colleges of the state. He requested the union govt to provide more fiscal autonomy to the states and provide flexibility while implementing centrally sponsored schemes and other flagship programmes keeping in mind the local conditions.

He suggested for incorporation of special chapter to elaborate strategy for development of northern hill states on the analogy of north eastern states and also requested for enhancement of Gross Budgetary support to all special category states alike and further requested the union govt to provide uniform funding pattern in the ratio of 90;10 for all special category states .

He requested the union govt to compensate the Himalayan states for conserving ecology and told that state govt will review the forest policy to ensure that natural resources are not over exploited and livelihood of those people who depend on forest resources are not adversely affected .He requested for raising the financial allocation of the state to meet its developmental needs.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh welcomed the union Govt decision of direct cash subsidy and told that entire population of the state will be covered under the scheme in phased manner. He said that state govt will follow policy of zero tolerance to corruption and clean, transparent and accountable govt will be provided to the people .He said that e governance will be used to ensure timely and effective redressal of public grievances .