Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee has expelled 25 party workers from the membership of the Congress Party for six years, owing anti party activities during the Assembly Election 2012. Former union Minister in Virbhadra Singh Govt. Singhi Ram and Gaddi leader from Dharamshala, who was dramatically installed and later replaced with Sudhir Sharma as party candidate from Dharamshala, Manoj Kumar Gaddi were prominent congress leaders featured in the list.

HPCC president Virbhadra Singh has expelled these party leaders and workers on the basis of complaints received from BCCs/ DCCs and official nominees of the Congress party. All these expelled 25 party workers are from Dharamshala, Sullah, Shimla Urban, Rohru and Rampur assembly segments.

1. Manoj Kumar Gaddi, (Dharamshala)
2. Navneet Thakur (Bobby) (Dharamshala)
3. Baldev Chaudhary, (Dharamshala)
4. Sanjay Rana, (Sullah)
5. Pardhan Singh Vidyarthi, (Sullah)
6. Aman Sood (Sullah)
7. Col. Rattan Singh, (Sullah)
8. Lekh Raj Rana, (Sullah)
9. Ram Parmar (Sullah)
10. Sanjeev Kuthiala (Shimla Urban)
11. Sushma Kuthiala, (Shimla Urban)
12. Raj Kumar (Nittu) (Rohru)
13. Krishan Kumar Chauhan (Rohru)
14. Shiv Pal Thakur (Rohru)
15. Prithvi Raj Khitta (Rohru)
16. Ajit Rana (Rohru)
17. Ripan Lal (Rohru)
18. Noor Ahmed (Rohru)
19. Singhi Ram, (Rampur)
20. Darshan Dass Thakur (Rampur)
21. Inder Dass Mehta (Rampur)
22. Ishwar Dass Laktoo (Rampur)
23. Rajender Sanail (Rampur)
24. Nand Lal Bushehari (Rampur)
25. HItender Gupta (Rampur)

The list of such leaders can swell further as in the recently concluded assembly election in-fighting and factionalism within the state unit were noticeable and at many assembly segment could hurt the prospect of official party candidates.

HPCC president Virbhadra Singh has made clear that party will not tolerate any indiscipline at any level. He indicated that this list can featured many more prominent party leaders.

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