They say girls are closer to their fathers than boys. However, those of you who rhyme with it will be shocked to know that there is no dearth of barbaric souls in the world who don’t give it a second thought before abusing such a pious relationship. Well, such incidents are rarely reported but that surely doesn’t avert the possibility of their existence. While mere mention of such an incident gives shivers to the spines of any god fearing and daughter loving soul, Inder Singh, 52, resident of Golchha village of Shimla district was carrying out the heinous act with his 15 years old girl for the past one year.

Inder Singh not only abused the father-daughter relationship but also shocked the society. The incident came to the fore when the ill fated girl lodged the complaint against her father in the police. The village is in the proximity of Shimla town and police said that the accused has raped his daughter twice at his residence on Monday night too. Also, it is learned that the victim was using contraceptives for quite some time and was recurrently threatened to be killed by her father. Police will present him in court on Wednesday. We don’t really know what court will do with him but there is no punishment for such an abhorred act and the justice will only be delivered in the court of ‘President of Immortals’.

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