National Gen. Secy. and spokesperson of BJP, J.P. Nadda, in his statement, ridiculed the expose’ by India Against Corruption against BJP President Nitin Gadkari. He said that after creating high pitched media hype about this exposure, what Kejriwal has been able to come out with is a damp squib. This media episode has severely dented the credibility of their own civil society movement. J.P. Nadda added that their allegations are based on misrepresentation and misinterpretation of facts to suit their ulterior political motive. IAC has recently been trying to paint all political parties with same brush and has been using media as a political platform.

J.P. Nadda clarified that the land in question has been leased out to a co-operative based company for the purpose of socio-economic development of the adjoining region. It is being used to grow sugarcane saplings to be distributed to farmers at much cheaper rate than the market. There is no power plant or any other factory on this particular land. To ascribe corrupt motive upon this project is preposterous and politically motivated, said Nadda. National Gen. Secy. asserted that being in public life, BJP or its office bearers do not shirk from replying to allegations of corruption by any civil society group. But the charges should be substantiated by facts and proof.

BJP President has publicly invited the IAC leaders to inspect for themselves the true import of the work being done by the organisation led by Gadkari. He challenged IAC to tell the nation what kind of irregularity has been committed by Poorty Kalyankari Sanstha. This Sanstha is using only 0.8 percent of water available in the dam. So their allegation is baseless on this count, too.

Nadda also expressed his displeasure at Kejariwal’s tone and tenor about Nitin Gadkari being a big industrialist. He said, being a successful entrepreneur is not a crime in this country and Kejriwal should not grudge this just because Gadkari happens to be BJP President. J.P. Nadda reminded Kejriwal that it was BJP and not IAC which raised the issue of widespread corruption in 70,000 crore irrigation project in Vidarbha region because of which Ajit Pawar had to resign.