On the petition of Vakamulla Chandrashekhar, who was center of discussion from the past three months in Himachal over his linked up with Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, the Delhi High Court has issued summons to Opposition Leader in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitely, Anurag Thakur and his brother Arun Dhumal.

In the petition filed in Delhi High Court on January 17, Vakamulla Chandrashekhar, CEO of Tarini Group of Companies, has accused Arun Jaitely, Anurag Thakur and Arun Dhumal for allegedly tarnishing reputation and good will of his business. Due to their malicious campaign against his company, the share values has come down and he has suffered a great deal as some of its foreign clients have sought clarifications regarding this slanderous allegations. Vakamulla has sought compensation of Rs. 3 crores for the damage caused to the company.

In the defamation suit, Vakamulla Chandrashekhar has accused BJP leaders for illegally accessed to the bank accounts and illegally procured the income tax returns of the M/s Tarini Group of Companies, which itself is the violation of the fundamental rights. He has also mentioned that by disclosing confidential documents to the public at large constitute offences which are punishable in accordance with law.

In the summons noticed issued to Arun Jaitely, Anurag Thakur and his brother Arun Dhumal, High court has given three weeks to reply.