The Himachal Pradesh CPM unit has once again reiterated that there exists a complete unity in between Congress and BJP as far usurping of resources of the people are concerned. With the recent revelation made in the Gadkari and Maharashtra Congress connections this validation stands further substantiated. Just like there exists a nexus in between the DLF- Vadra inter alia Congress in Delhi here in Himachal there is a DLF-BJP bondage, which the ruling BJP stepping a step further allowed the DLF to build cottages in Kanlog violating all norms of the land. The party has asked for a CBI probe into the whole episode where the connections in between the DLF-Congress and BJP can be unearthed.

CPM leader and party Shimla (Urban) candidate Tikender Singh Panwar said that it is shocking to note that when the head of the party who is involved in such widespread loot of the people’s property what will be the result at the lower level. It is learnt rules were bent by the Maharashtara government, particularly scam tainted former irrigation minister to benefit gadkari, vast tracts of land were acquired from the farmers to build a dam in Umred village in Nagpur and excess land that should have been returned to farmers was given to gadkari following the Congress-NCP government’s intervention. Further the Maharashtara government which had rejected in 2002 the farmers’ demands for return of excess land decided to give it to Gadkar. The party has stated, right into the footsteps of their seniors the BJP in Himachal has done the same and has become a facilitator for such grabbing of the land.

The party has stated the entire tirade of making opposition gestures and indictment made against each other in BJP and Congress is actually to hoodwink the people and in fact have common interests. It is primarily because of this reason that the charge-sheets prepared during successive opposition times just lick the dust in the wracks and have hardly been looked into once in power. Both the Congress and the BJP have virtually perpetrated and perpetuated crony capitalism in the state that has robbed the state with its genuine resources. These resources that include, land, forest and water has been given on a platter, without any ambiguity the foremost one is the JP. The CPIM has stated, BJP in Himachal has become synonymous to Bhartiya Jai Parakash party. The Congress also does not lag behind and was the first one to allow its entry in the hydro power sector. The party has charged both the BJP for being inept in managing these resources that could have provided additional income for the state, instead has landed the state into a debt crisis which has reached an alarming proportion of Rs 29 thousand crores.

The doctorate degrees provided to Rajiv Shukla who is the Congress spokesperson by the Himachal Pradesh University further corroborates this unity in between the Congress and BJP. The party has called upon the people to expose their nefarious designs and work for an alternative that is pro-people and can bring radical changes.

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