Congress is repeatedly blaming the opposition BJP parties for neglecting some serious projects that started during its tenure. Not only is this, but the Congress party is also accusing BJP to fail at every front in the upper Shimla area – be it protecting the apple crops from the inclement weather conditions, bettering the road conditions to ensure the free flow of traffic though out the year and apple season in particular, establishing Primary health centers or many other basic amenities that any region of the state needs on the priority basis.

Well, we will uncover the truth behind these allegations one by one but today we’ll primarily focus on Champaign factory that was aimed to be established in Gumma. The idea to make a Champaign factory at Gumma was conceived by Congress govt. during its tenure in 1996-97. However, the MOU of the Champaign factory was made during the BJP regime in 2000 but nothing was done in totality to make it a reality.

However, when Congress came to power in 2003 and electors of Jubbal-Kotkhai elected Rohit Thakur to save their interests, he claimed to discuss the project in HP Vidhansabha and on various levels repeatedly to start construction work. During the Congress party’s tenure in power from 2003 to 2007, the construction of factory saw a remarkable growth. However, by the time work could be completed, the 2007 assemble elections came in and with the change of government; the factory went into the doldrums yet again.

Well, it’s gruesome that even when the plan to establish the Champaign factory was conceived in the late nineties of last century, it still have no existence. Call it a lack of infrastructure, paucity of funds or lack of will, but the factory is far from real. Wherever there are elections, it comes back into talks but nothing concrete has been done so far to complete the project. The task isn’t insurmountable; all you need is a will to make it real.