The Himachal CPM has asked the High court of Himachal Pradesh to direct the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to hold an inquiry into the murky deals of the Maharishi Markandeshwar University (MMU) Kumarhatti, Solan and also bring to the fore the nexus in between the state government comprising of its ministers, bureaucrats, the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the MMU management.

CPM leader Tikender Singh Panwar alleged gross violation of the act through which the MMU was established in the state. Panwar claimed of complete bent of the rules by MMU, state government and the MCI to benefit the corporate interests of the MMU for maximisation of profit.

CPM leader stated that MMU with its extreme despotic posture has given a damn to the laws and has gone ahead with its designs of minting money at the behest of the admissions done. He said

“The act of the MMU very explicitly mentions that it will have no right to affiliate any college with it. For that matter all these private universities are not supposed to do that. Whilst that is the law but the MMU which is a designated university has affiliated its own medical college whereas the act specifies that the college should have been affiliated with the Himachal Pradesh University. Similarly the fees structure has been regulated by the private universities act where the total fees to be taken from the students cannot be more than Rs 5 lakh however the university charges phenomenally high and from some it takes more than Rs 40 lakhs.”

Panwar also blamed the MMU for faulting the procedure of admission as against the enrolling the students on the basis of central test, but the private medical college taking admission directly.

CPM leader accused the MMU for promulgating ways and means to appease the government to ensure that they can admit students directly so that they can fleece them exorbitantly. Party also accused MCI, a statutory body for establishing uniform and high standards of medical education in India, for turning a blind eye on the matter and despite approaching the regulatory authority with all proofs of violations.

Panwar, who had earlier also leveled serious allegations into the nexus between MMU and the state government, again blamed Government for protecting the illicit interest of the private medical college. He said the state government has several times allowed a fee hike in the MMU. He said that all revelation exposes the strong nexus and connivance in between these important state actors that needs to be unearthed and facts should be brought to the fore so that the rule of the law prevails and the system is not government by sheer vested interests.

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