Senior Congress leader GS Bali claimed that the state government failed to disclose the data regarding the number of unemployed youths in the state and higher prices of cement. He blamed BJP Govt for violating the democratic norms of the House and vitiated the atmosphere of the Assembly by ‘concealing’ the actual facts during the four-day session.

He said despite repeated requests, during the past one year the state government failed to table the number of unemployed youths in the state. He said during the previous session too, the government had claimed that the information was being collected. He alleged that the Dhumal government was shying away from providing facts on the floor of the House feeling that the figures would leave the poll wicket sticky for the BJP in the coming polls.

GS Bali also alleged state Govt and cement manufacturers nexus and high cement prices are the example of it. He alleged that in the poll year, BJP led Govt is announcing many sops for employees and making many baseless announcements that are adding to the financial instability in the state. He said the state government had numerous opportunities in the field of power, education and tourism sector, but ‘failed’ to avail them due to its ‘poor’ vision.

He also criticised Govt for using police force during the Congress protest rally in Shimla and described it as signs of ‘frustration’ in the BJP government with fear of ‘losing’ power. He also target Dhumal government over development issue of lower Himachal and alleged discrimination against Kangra district.