The Himachal CPM today demanded vigilance inquiry into the financial bungling and ongoing unrest for over three months in the Asian Development Bank funded 450 MW Shongtong-Karcham hydropower project in Kinnaur district.

CPM leader Tikender Singh Panwar, in his letter to Chief Secretary VC Pharka, questioned service extension to General Manager Ajay Patial. Panwar claimed that Patial doesn’t have a remarkable career of service, and responsible for heavy losses for various projects executed by the board when he was the in-charge.

Demanding enquiry CPM leader claimed that certain amount of excavation work was done which was not associated with the project. He claimed

“Such work has been awarded to facilitate some important people of the region and hence must be brought to book. The above two issues reveal about the nexus that leads to corruption in the project, which has to be thoroughly investigated. I would also like to mention the quality of the project which has to be seriously monitored. Why?”

Panwar also blamed Patial for accruing huge losses in Kholi project where Patial was instrumental in executing the project Aqua duct pipe got bursted, which led to high cost of generation in 2010 @ Rs 12.00 per unit. He said

“There was a loss of Rs. 4 crores to the project. Similarly in Sawra Kuddu project the tunnel collapsed and over excavations was done which led to a loss of Rs 20 crores and the work cost variation was from Rs 60 crores to Rs 180 crores. Likewise in Gumma, Thalout and Giri where channels got damaged such poor construction has come to the fore. Everywhere the aforesaid person was instrumental into the execution. The Larji happened to be one of the costliest project where under his ‘able ‘ guidance as the GM the cost of generation shot up to Rs 10 per unit.”

The CPM state leader demanded Chief Secretary to promptly intervene into the matter and curtail unrest.