Sunday 19 May 2019
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BJP President alleges Virbhadra Singh for promoting, protecting his political interests

Himachal Pradesh BJP President Satpal Singh Satti has accused Himachal Congress President Virbhadra Singh of promoting and protecting his selfish political interests at the cost of the State.

In a statement issued at Shimla, Satpal Singh Satti alleged that in his tenure as Chief Minister Union Minister at the Centre, Virbhadra Singh and Congress government at the Center has always dispensed injustice to the State and ignored its interests.

Satti ridicule Congress leader’s claim and stated that it was during the Virbhadra Singh tenure, when the Finance Commission reduced the share of the Himachal Pradesh in the shares of central funds.

BJP chief said Atal Bihari’s NDA government had sanctioned a special industrial package to Himachal for 10 years, but when Congress-led UPA government took over it reduced its duration. He added that there were two cabinet rank ministers from Himachal Pradesh in UPA-II, but they could not secure Himachal’s rights from Center Govt. he alleged that Congress State leaders failed to get a single economic or industrial package for the State.

Satti take a dig at Virbhadra Singh and said that on the one hand Virbhadra Singh claims credit for getting 7.19 percent share to the State in BMB projects and on the other, it was Manmohan Singh’s Congress government at the Centre of which he was a Union Minister which opposed the claim of Himachal by filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court. If he had the least concern for State’s interests, he should have resigned from the Cabinet then, he asked. BJP leader alleged that in the garb of being a well-wisher of the State he is just promoting his own political interests.

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