The Kangra district administration has warned Tibetans community against defacing the rocks and trees with writing in the Bhoti language. The orders have been passed as per the directive of the state high court against defacement of rocks.

SDM, Dharamsala Sandeep Sud acknowledged that many rocks in the McLeodganj area were carrying writing in the Tibetan or Bhoti language and against defacing the rocks and tree high court has issued clear cut direction. SDM, Dharamsala further added that the meeting of representatives of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) was called and they were directed to advise Tibetan refugees regarding the matter.

In Dharamsala region, Tibetans cloth flags are hanging everywhere, many Deodar trees are using for it. It is widely known that tying of cloth flags on trees retards their growth and might ultimately lead to their drying; therefore such thing is also dangerous for our green cover as well. To save trees from untimely drying, SDM has also issued directive to the CTA to advise the Tibetan refugees against tying cloth flags on trees. High Court may help Dharamsala and other Tibetan occupied region on environment front and many trees might be rescued from such rituals in the near future.