The Himachal Pradesh CPM unit has strongly indicted the BJP state government for, from becoming a facilitator for selling land at throw away prices to the private universities to now becoming a facilitator for selling seats in these institutions. The party has stated, earlier the government had given land at cheap prices and thousands of bighas of fertile land has been awarded to these private universities. Now in contravention to the norms and blatantly violating the law, the government is allowing to increase the seats and also the time period for the admissions for the year 2012-13’. The party is surprised to note that these private universities are asking for the increase in the number of seats though only 20% of the available seats have been filled as of now.

The CPM has stated, the BJP has always been claiming that there is a regulator to check the irregularities in these institutions on the contrary has made the authority of the regulator toothless and has been subjugated to the wish and fancies of the state government. Which in a way is a bent to allow maximisation of profit in these universities for the private players. The exercise also smacks of the deep link in between black money and the safe haven for it in Himachal. In the name of trust the money is generated from the students which is safely siphoned off to private players and handed over to politicians. The classic example is that of Kanda who languishes in jail and has a high stake in one of the private university in the state.

The CPM has stated, the government is deliberately undermining the regulator on these private universities. Party accuses that the some of the owners of these private universities pay heavily to the BJP and have a strong nexus and bonds amongst themselves. The BJP has made mockery of the whole situation and the issue of having a regulator is just to hoodwink the people of the state. The ICFAI since last two years have not enrolled a single student. Similarly about 80% of the seats are lying vacant in these private universities. Despite this no action has been taken against ICFAI and there is no discussion as to what will happen to the land and the property that has been developed once the university closes down. The CPM is not only apprehensive is convinced that it will turn into real estate properties in which the BJP too has a share as has been demonstrated by their acts and interests in these institutions.

The party has called upon the people to expose the sinister designs of the BJP and bring an alternate to the fore that is pro Himachal and can save the higher education from the vagaries of these private universities.