Bahra University

Late but heavy monsoon rainfall that has put life out of gear at many places in the state of Himachal is a boon in disguise as it has uplifted the water level in Bhakra and Pong reservoirs that were facing alarmingly low water level due to less rain in June and July. Because of heavy rain in its catchment areas, water level in Bhakra Dam has surged to 1,608.36 feet today against the level of 1,589.23 feet as on August 8. Similarly, Pong Dam has also recorded the water level of 1,345.10 feet in comparison to 1,322 feet.

However, water level in both reservoirs was still lesser as compared to last year’s, but now it has given a much needed relief for the farmer of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, who are dependent of these dams water for irrigating their crops. After the surge in the water level it is speculating that the decision about 10 per cent cut imposed on water release to partnering states will be reviewed and lifted in the upcoming meeting, which is schedule at this month end.