Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal claimed in his address at the ‘Thanks Giving’ function organised by Ministerial Staff Association of Health and Family Welfare Department that his Government had ensured transparent governance during past four and a half years besides providing clean and efficient administration.

Chief Minister said that the State Government had risen to expectations and aspirations of the people of the State and honoured their feelings. He said that the present Government had implemented a number of schemes envisioned to facilitate every section of the society especially weaker sections which had been immensely benefited with the visionary policies and programmes implemented during past four and a half years. He said that the Government is indebted to the employees of the State for their valuable contribution in implementation of policies and programmes in the farthest corner of the State which had resulted into desired outcomes. He said that despite financial constraints, the State Government had provided record financial and promotional benefits to its employees.

Prof. Dhumal said that the State Government had never differentiated between the policy it envisioned and the will to implement the same. He said that the cordial relations had been maintained with the employees, which had resulted into effective implementation of the programmes and policies resulting in winning record number of awards at National level. He said that he State was poised to gain new heights on development front in coming years where employees would be playing significant role.

Chief Minister refuted the allegations of opposition political parties with regard to various issues which factually pertain to their period of governance in the State and were forcibly being imposed upon the Government just to gain cheap popularity. He said that people of the State were wise enough to understand the factual positions and were well versed with the truth. He appealed to the State employees to firmly stand behind the State Government and make Himachal Pradesh a role model.

Prof. Dhumal also apprised the employees of the decision of the State Government to revive compassionate employment to widows or orphaned children of the deceased government employees with a view to ensure economic security to such families.

Surender Thakur, Chairman, NGOs Federation thanked Chief Minister for his sympathetic attitude towards the State employees and delivering record benefits to them. He said that in labour history no where daily wages had been doubled in the country while Himachal Pradesh had doubled the same from Rs. 75 to RS. 150. He thanked for regularization of part timers, daily wager and contingent paid workers by reducing their service period by one to two years. He also thanked for implementation of 4-9-14 in favour of employees.

Hari Singh Thakur, President, Health and Family Welfare Department Ministerial Staff Association welcomed the Chief Minister and thanked him for all the benefits given to employees. Ravinder Singh Ravi, Irrigation and Public Health Minister, Suresh Bhardwaj and Rakesh Pathania, MLAs, Ghanshyam Sharma, Vice Chairman, Pensioners and Employees Welfare Board, Hem Raj Sharma, General Secretary, NGOs Federation and leaders of different associations were present on the occasion.