Beleaguered Ex BJP leader and founder member of BJP breakaway Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP), Radha Raman Shastri has joined the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Radha Raman Shastri had earlier floated HLP, under the leadership of Maheshwar Singh. He was working president of HLP.

Radha Raman Shastri hasn’t disclosed anything about HLP, but argues that with NCP he would like to lay the foundation of the third front in the state. Shastri said that he has joined NCP without any pre-conditions and he would function as an ordinary worker under its state president Anirudh Sharma.

However, he said that he would shoulder whatever responsibility the party high command entrusted him but the main objective would be to raise a third political force, to fulfil the political vacuum caused due to the failure of the BJP and the Congress, which were being seen as the two sides of the same coin.