To curve the clashes in the Himachal Pradesh University, authority is planning to provide hostels to students for a limited period only, probably for three years. This step is taken after students clash on 12 June, in which 25 students were injured and after that hostels are closed for infinite period and students are forced to spend time in temporary tents and rented space. Authority believes that boarders’ prolonged stay in hostel involved them in student politics and also caused overcrowding the hostels as well.

The new policy suggests that preference will be given to students pursuing research work and PhD. The new framework will help provide space for those who actually need the hostels.

After the recent clashes, a search was conducted by police on orders of the high court which found that that the seven boys’ hostels were overcrowded with unauthorized occupants and over 2,000 students were living in the hostels, which had a capacity for 810 occupants only.

During the police search, many objectionable material including knives, sticks, iron rods and swords were recovered from different hostels. The boys’ hostels in HPU is notorious for violence and student politics and even some party outfits were enjoying dominance in particular hostels. It was also found that hostels were also divided on the basis of outfits, including that of ABVP and SFI. Therefore, early solutions are needed to make University violence free.