No matter how much we brag about all the big things in the State, the small but eminent things like free flow of traffic on roads are being neglected. Case in point, Theog-Hatkoti road which remains blocked for over 24 hrs because of a truck that broke down on the middle of the road about 1 km towards Jubbal from Kharapathar. There was no rescue work to clear that road for the said time, which actually becoming a pain for all the people stranded on the road.

There was a crane reported to within a radius of some 800m but no one from the authorities bothered to make an effort to arrange the crane to be used to atleast bring the truck to the side so that the traffic could be normalized. People of the area are very unhappy with the roads and such incidences that are a common site on this road. Some people are already concerned about the apple season when the road conditions end up harassing all to the core.

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