In a shocking turn of events, heavy rainfall in the Jubbal area of Shimla district has resulted in the collapse and burial of a vital connecting road to Chamshu village. The road, spanning a kilometer long, now lies submerged in the Sawra Kuddu dam, leaving villagers in dismay and demanding answers.

Chamshu village heavily relies on this road for transporting their produce to the market. However, with the sudden collapse of the road, fruit growers are now confronted with an uphill battle in getting their boxes of apples and pears to the mandis. The collapse has effectively cut off the village from essential trade routes, causing immense distress among the residents.

Frustrated and aggrieved, the villagers are pointing fingers at the quality of the road’s construction. Prior to this unfortunate incident, concerns had been raised multiple times regarding the construction quality, but they were seemingly ignored by the project management. Now, their apprehensions have transformed into demands for a thorough vigilance inquiry to hold those responsible accountable for the road’s collapse.

The angry villagers assert that if the government fails to initiate an investigation, they will be left with no choice but to seek legal recourse. It is evident that the villagers have lost faith in the project management and feel their concerns were unjustly dismissed.

The road, constructed by the Himachal Power Corporation along the banks of the Sawra Kuddu dam, was intended to facilitate the transportation needs of Chamshu village. However, the recent disaster has only served to exacerbate the dissatisfaction surrounding the road’s construction quality, with social media platforms buzzing with allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

With the road now submerged in the dam, even pedestrian access to the village has become challenging, let alone vehicular traffic. The impact of this collapse extends far beyond inconvenience; it has severely impacted the livelihoods of the fruit growers and disrupted the economic stability of the entire community.

The collapse and burial of the vital road have left the villagers of Chamshu stranded and grappling with the aftermath. The incident has not only highlighted the questionable construction quality but also ignited a demand for a vigilant investigation.