Bahra University

CPM state unit has asked the BJP government to stop acting as a facilitator for the appropriation of land for real estate, big builders and such other activities in the state. A section of the BJP leadership too has pointed out at the incriminating evidence of corruption which is an essential feature of the present government during these deals. There exists a triangle comprising of the politicians of the ruling class, bureaucrats and some of the big entrepreneurs who are determined to rob the state of its ingrained wealth of land. These big builders in the guise of real estate developers have been using the state machinery to serve their vested interests and all hurdles in the form of people’s movement are being targeted by the use of state power.

Tikender Singh Panwar. Member State Secretariat, alleged that during the present BJP rule there have been a large number of such deals that have substantiated the charge. In Shimla the DLF constructing apartments in Kanlog, the takeover of HIS school in Charabbra, the movement under the aegis of HPCA for from ‘Save Annandale’ to ‘Sale Annandale’ and the benami deals of more than 1000 bighas in Taradevi all points towards this issue of grabbing land and BJP’s role as a facilitator. In the state there is hundreds of bighas of land that is being usurped for private interests under the garb of real estate development and sports activities.

The CPIM has called upon the people to understand this reality and ensure that there develops an alternate to the Congress in the ensuing Shimla MC elections and the alternate is CPIM and not the BJP that has no affection for the people of the state and its resources.