Results of the bye-elections are out, and show that both BJP and Congress have managed to make inroads into strongholds of each party. Members of youth wing of both parties were greatly involved in campaigning and managing the elections for both parties in their constituencies. They have all welcomed the results and mentioned it as a great step forward.

Sunil Thakur (State General Secy, Yuva Morcha, BJP): It is the victory of common people and the development by the government.

Chetan Singh Bragta (BJP): Congratulation to all the workers of BJP for winning the Renuka seat. Disappointed though for Nalagarh as I myself had worked hard for that seat.

Congress: Congress workers have canvassed efficiently and honestly in Renuka assembly seat. Dharampal Thakur and Vinay Hetta mentioned the BJP victory was more due to unconstitutional flow of liquor and money, and not because of any development as proclaimed by the government.