Renuka Dam ‘short-term solution’ to improving water supply: Photographer Neeraj Doshi

To satiate the Delhiites’ thrust Himachal is going to sacrifice 750 homes in 37 villages, 1,700,000 trees and a diverse range of wildlife and 1,630 hectares of agricultural land around Renuka. Affected of Renuka Dam have tried everything to save their land and houses from proposed Dam, however, photographer Neeraj Doshi has different but peaceful way to aware people of Delhi about the real problem. Neeraj Doshi has put an exhibition, Delhi’s Might, Renuka’s Plight, at the Jai Bharat Centre, where he is trying to narrate the real problem of water in Delhi through his photographs.

Neeraj Doshi’s photography depicted leaking pipelines, disused water bodies, polluted rivers, and overflowing tanks and pile of waste, as consequences of building the dam and saying that Dam’s are short term solutions, he added that supply is not a problem, but of wastage and poor management. Doshi suggest that city-based rainwater harvesting would likely be more effective in improving water supply, and that unequal water supply has to be addressed. The exhibition also aimed at highlightig contradictions between resource supply and demand in India through pictures, which can be ‘far more powerful than words.

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