Four-day long traditional and historical Lavi fair begins today at Rampur. Governor Urmila Singh inaugurated the fair. The famous ‘International Lavi Trade fair’ is one of the unique examples of the glorious, social, cultural, economic history and legacy of Himachal Pradesh. It is the biggest trade fair of the greater Himalayas, which is held at Rampur Bushahr, about 130 kms from Shimla from 11th to 14th November every year. Rampur Bushahr, which is popularly know as the gateway of tribal District Kinnaur is situated on the left bank of river Sutlej and is one of the oldest town on Hindustan Tibet road.

The tradition of Lavi fair goes back into the history as Tibet and Kinnaur had good trade relations and Lavi fair is the outcome of business interest of both sides. Even today, the tradition is as vibrant as ever. By the churning waters of the river Sutlej, a variety of goods including wool, dry fruits and horses are bartered and sold.

People from other areas in general and tribal belt in particular participate in this fair with horses, mules, pashminas, colts, yaks, chilgoza, namdas, pattis, woolens, raw semi-finished wool and other dry fruits produced in the state are brought for selling. It is three hundred years old fair and also a state fair. During day time, hectic trade activities are witnessed all over the town. Large number of traders came to the fair to sell quilts, utensils and other consumer goods. At night, folks dances and music around small bonfires are organized. It continues for three days. Efforts have been made to restore the old glory of the fair, which recently has been given a modern touch.

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