Himachal Pradesh is a state in India that has the tendency of doing things that make it one of the most efficient states in the county. Stretching a league further in the same route, the Municipal Corporation Shimla has vouched to generate power from the treated sewage, besides claiming to ensure a round-the-clock water supply in the city. Because the MC lacks appropriate funds to carry out the ambitious project, the news has it that the Shimla MC would invite bids for the task from private parties. A total of 6 sewerage treatment plants (STP), with another three under-construction, the MC visions to carry out its project. MC Shimla claims that the biggest STP located in Lalpani could have 15 MLD treated water, which could be used to generate up to 1 MW power. Shimla has repeatedly witnessed excessive water shortage with certain localities having to go without water for days together. This assurance from Shimla MC to provide around the clock water in Shimla comes as a great news to one and all who have been through the water shortage.

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