By developing religious and ecotourism sites, tourists are to be attracted here as per the declaration of the state government, but on the grass root nothing has been done so for. Not to say anything for other parts of the state, but in the home district of chief minister Nadaun and Sujanpur towns have enough scopes to be developed as tourist places. Large number of tourists visit to Jawalmukhi Shaktipeeth temple with their religious faith and can be deviated to the Samadhi of Dhayanu Bhagat located on the bank of Beas River at Nadaun. This is because story of Shaktipeeth is never getting completed without narrating her Bhagat Dhayanu. Since long land dispute is going on here and the spot is not developed so for. No care is given to develop the Biliklashar an old historical as well religious spot developed by Pandavs, during the Agyatvas. Bhikha Shah Majar and old Gurudwara are also having own importance, but government tourist information available on net is also not giving proper place to these places. Similarly, Raja Sansar Chaand’s military fort Sujanpur Tihra is also having no facilities for the tourist. Road are worse so for and a IPH rest house is in shape of foundation stone since 2007 at Tihra near Baradari indicates that no government have made any attempt to attract tourist to the place.

Baradari and Nardeshwar Temple monuments are taken up by the Indian department of monuments, but even than both places are loosing their importance. Paintings in temple are going to eliminate where as Baradari have started to get damaged. These are some religious spots where if care is given than tourist of all religions and from all areas can be attracted. If we go back in the history of Sujanpur Tihra, than we found that the first German tourist Trvak and British Moorkrapht declared this valley best for adventure sports like river rafting, tracking, paragliding and angling etc. These informations are embedded in government website, but even than no step is taken to promote these adventure sports here. In other words it can be stated that government is making only declaration just to wise public but infect neither any tourist spot is developed or no place is still joined with good roads so that tourist can come. So before it’s too late, State Government should lay down some good plan to revive it, otherwise we’ll loose it for forever.