In the last 12 hours around 42 persons were killed in two different accidents in Chamba District. In a gruesome accident around 34 people were killed and seven injured in Chamba district. The truck was going from Chaura to Sherpur and fell into the 350-feet deep gorge at Kakyani Nallah. It was reported that all passengers were going to attend the wedding. The accident happened in the midnight. All the victims were belonged to the Sherpur village. Bodies of all the 32 victims including the driver were recovered from the spot and all of them were men. Injured have been rushed to Tanda Hospital.

In the other accident in the district around 8 people were killed when a pick-up van fell into a ditch near Bharmaur, 65-Km from Chamba. All deceased were employees of a company as they were coming back from their shift. This accident was happened 9.30. P.M.