Bahra University

Prashashan Janta Ke Dwar program is taking administration near to the people of the state as they are able to raise their problems with Chief Minister himself. After Hamirpur, Una and Kangra now people of Sihunta in Chamba are approaching chief minister with their problem and getting overwhelming responses from the leader. At Sihunta, Women at a large number from the adjoining villages presents at Prashashan Janta Ke Dwar program and avail the opportunity with both hand. People of the area comes with numerous grievances and majority of them settle on the spot and remaining around 250 cases were directed to the concerned authorities and Chief Minister instructed for the quick solutions.

Apart from the Prashashan Janta Ke Dwar program, Chief Minister also sanctioned 60 lakhs for the construction of bridge over Chanal Khad, 15 Lakhs sanctioned for lift water supply scheme for Ahili village of Gram Panchayat Mutla, 3 Lakhs for the construction of bridge over Cholasa khad in Frindal village, 2 lakhs each for construction of Mahila Mandal Bhawan at Garnota and Community Centre at Rajaien and a Lakh for construction of crematorium for Samot and Halderh village.